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What is ‘Hospice Friends’?

Hospice Friends is a 501-C-3 nonprofit charitable organization that provides peace, comfort and care to those facing a life-threatening illness, the frail elderly, those with a chronic-illness or disability and others with short-term medical needs in Kittitas County.





An Interview with Suzie Norris, Board President

Human Resource Professional


Why did you choose to be a Board member for Hospice Friends?


Hospice endeared itself to me several years ago when they provided care to my godmother, Audrey. She “graduated” from Hospice care two times. At 100 years old, her heart was failing. When the team from Hospice initiated care, Audrey felt the comfort from them. They also provided respite care for me.  

After Audrey passed, the team continued to keep in touch with me. The organization of Hospice and their mission is outstanding. I learned of Hospice Friends in Kittitas County, and they provide support not just to Hospice patients, but to the community at large. I can add value in my dedication to the community.

How has serving on Hospice Friends Board made a difference in your life?

There are many layers to the organization I was not aware of and believe the community may not be either. Continually learning, sharing the message of Hospice Friends and promoting the services to the community is an honor. I am very happy to be involved with this amazing group of dedicated people from our community.


What would you like to tell our donors that help keep Hospice Friends services free to our community?


Hospice Friends is a non-profit. Except for the few staff members in the Ellensburg and Cle Elum locations, we are all volunteers. Everyone is dedicated and passionate to provide the care, equipment, incontinence supplies and nutritional supplements to those who need it in our community. The support that our donors provide in their time, talent and treasure is extremely impactful and appreciated. We are thankful and cannot do this without them!


Interviews with other Board Members







Barb Becker, Former Board President, Current Board Member

Former Nurse


What would you like the community to know about Hospice Friends?


Hospice Friends is the best kept secret in Kittitas County.  If anyone needs incontinence supplies, durable medical equipment or a trained and trusted volunteer, we are the place to go!






Nancy Gore Current Board Member

Former Director of Cancer Information Service at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center


How has serving on Hospice Friends Board made a difference in your life?


I marvel at the abundant and incredible passion of the people associated with Hospice Friends - the small staff and all the volunteers who make the mission of Hospice Friends come alive. Witnessing their ongoing commitment and creativity is helping me figure out how I can be of greatest help.








What was Hospice Friends Impact on Kittitas County in 2020, according to our clients?


I have nothing but the best to say about Hospice Friends volunteers and staff. They have made a tremendous difference in my life. I had an accident where my leg had to be amputated. I did not have a way to get a wheelchair. I was able to borrow a wheelchair, walker, and cane. I recommend Hospice Friends because the hospitality and the service were easy and simple to use. It is because of donors, I had access to the equipment that I needed. Hospice Friends is #1 resource in Kittitas County. I want the donors, volunteers, board, and staff to know how much it is appreciated. D.B. 2020


Everyone is happy & friendly. The Ensure, personal hygiene wipes, and cane made it easier. It helped us financially because the services are free of charge. I am a single mom that also cares for my mother. The Ensure helped my mom get the nutrients she needed after a cardiovascular incident. After several months of using the Ensure, mom became strong enough to stop using the cane that Hospice Friends let her borrow. We have already recommended Hospice Friends to family and friends because it is a great place to be. I now volunteer because the help given to my mom.  P.E. 2020


Every time I have needed something, the service has been good. The nutritional drink helped me supplement my protein. I also want to thank my Hospice Friends volunteer Sharon. I recommend Hospice Friends. D.Y. 2020






What is The Tree of Love and what was its impact in February 2021?


Hospice Friends holds the Tree of Love Memorial Celebration for Kittitas County each year in December with the exception of last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Tree of Love is a community event for family and friends that have lost a loved one. It is an event for those to know that they are not alone. This is an experience to see that others are going through similar changes as they are. Also, it is an occasion to honor their loved ones. The 2020 Tree of Love was held online February 26, 2021.


Thank you to our 2020 Sponsors


Business Sponsors- Angel

Network for Good

Community Foundation of Kittitas County

Evergreen Home Loans

Umpqua Bank

United Way

Brookside Funeral Home


Business Sponsors- Star

Circle Lazy H

Willow’s Brook Farm


Business Sponsors- Shining Light

Armstrong's Stove & Spa

Arnolds Ranch & Home

Ellensburg Ladies 18-hole Golf Division

Roslyn Downtown Association

Ellensburg Chapter Public School Employees


Business Sponsors- Friends

Ride Roslyn

Attorney Mark Chmelewski

Kittitas County Historical Museum



Thank you to our 2021 Sponsors through June 18th, 2021


Business Sponsors- Angel

Alpha & Omega Bookkeeping, LLP

Aster Inn & Antiques

Brad & Burke Heating & A/C

Brookside Funeral Home

Ellensburg Employee Association

Fast Lane Signs

Fitterer's Furniture

Jerry Lael Farmers Insurance

Johnston & Williams Funeral Home and Crematory

Remax Community One Reality

Roslyn Downtown Association

Shoemaker Foundation

University Auto Center

Upper Kittitas County Rotary Club General


Business Sponsors- Star

Cle Elum Farm & Home Supply


Mountain High Sports

Northwest Physical Therapy

Shaw's Furniture and Appliance

Winning Foundation


Business Sponsors- Shining Light

Armstrong’s Stove & Spa

Bivens & Wilson, P.S. Certified Public Accountant

Cashmere Valley Bank

Cottage Cafe & Fireside Lounge

DeFranco Counseling

First Lutheran Church

Inland Networks

Jolt Java Co.

Knudson Lumber

Law Offices - Mark Chmelewski

Mountain Auto Parts


TCM Investigations


Business Sponsors- Friends

The Brick


Ireland Jewelers and Gifts

K & A Custom Homes & Remodel

Kukes Orchards

Pearl Street Books

Pioneer Coffee





Announcing Reigniting Hope Bereavement Starting November 2021


Hospice Friends will be holding an 8-week series, open to the public, called Reigniting Hope via Zoom starting Tuesdays, from 7:00 pm - 8:15 pm Nov 2 - Dec 21, 2021.


Reigniting Hope, finding inspiration from grief


Grief has been described as a journey to heal from the loss of a loved one. While everyone’s experience is different based on things like the relationship with the deceased person and the circumstances surrounding the death, grief can be a painful, a difficult and a lonely journey.

You are not alone.


Hospice Friends is offering a facilitated bereavement group for anyone in Kittitas County who is experiencing a loss and who would like to work through their grief to reignite hope.


Our goal is to provide support and connection to help with healing. We will help you:

  • Understand the experience of grief and how we move forward

  • Connect with others to hear and learn about the different experiences of regaining hope

  • Create the opportunity to remember and memorialize those we have lost and who we are becoming in this transition

  • Leave with specific things that are meaningful to each individual to reignite hope


To do this, our group will:


  • Meet weekly for 8 weeks where will we work together with a trained facilitator toward healing

  • Tuesdays, 7:00-8:15pm, from Nov 2nd through Dec 21st

  • Please register via email: or call the office for additional information 509-968-5117



Meet the staff









Anna Lea Judah


Ellensburg Office

Volunteer Coordinator/ Programs Assistant


How has serving as Hospice Friends staff made a difference in your life?


I know more now about the death and dying process than I had before. In my previous experience, I had worked as a C.N.A. and had known of just the mechanical side of the process. I am now seeing the spiritual side of people and their experiences. There is something to be said about how to leave a legacy in the hearts of the ones you love, and time is the most precious gift here.


What would you like to tell our donors who help keep Hospice Friends services free to our community?


I am a person of few words, mostly. Thank you for your support and service to Hospice Friends.









Cynthia Hallock

Hospice Friends Cle Elum office

Upper Kittitas County Programs Coordinator


Why did you choose to be a staff member for Hospice Friends?


I know how important it is having friends, family, and someone to help with the simple day-to-day. I have just gone through a personal ordeal.  I was retired and had no plans on going back to work. Upon seeing this job listed on our local page, it sounded like a perfect way to give back to the universe. I cannot go out and be a caregiver. Yet, I can work in the Cle Elum Hospice Friends office on Tuesdays and Wednesdays 9 am to 2 pm helping clients get supplies, equipment and to have moral support.  


How has serving as Hospice Friends staff made a difference in your life?


It has helped my mental health so much, making me get up and get out of the house. I am also doing something with meaning.  I love getting to chat and have contact with people who may need a little help, letting them know what services are out there for them or their loved one.


What would you like to tell our donors who help keep Hospice Friends services free to our community?


The need for volunteers, incontinence supplies, nutritional supplies and durable medical equipment will always be here. I know, from personal experience, the smallest act of kindness means mountains to the person in need.  It makes people like they are not alone on this journey. Your donation ensures that people have support during a difficult time.  









Mique (McKay) Boner

Ellensburg Office

Executive Director


Why did you choose to be a staff member for Hospice Friends?

Hospice Friends has given me the opportunity to grow and become a bigger part of this community. I started out as a client family member receiving supplies and equipment prior to my mother-in-law needing Hospice services. In 2017, she was referred by her doctor to KVH Hospice. The volunteers and staff helped make me feel like I was doing the best I could for her. Connie’s disease followed its expected course in the spring, and she passed. I became the Volunteer Coordinator/Programs Assistant in the Fall of 2018 because I wanted to give back to this community the love and support, I had received. I became the Director in November 2020, and I get to serve Kittitas County in a new way.


How has serving as Hospice Friends staff made a difference in your life?

I feel privileged that people allow me to be a part of their life during some of the most challenging moments whether it is due to mobility challenges, incontinence challenges, nutritional shortfalls from illness or injury. I feel especially grateful when people share after the loss of a loved one regardless of whether they were on Hospice services or not. People allow me to see their vulnerability. I get to be with them and stand in solidarity with them.

What would you like to tell our donors who help keep Hospice Friends services free to our community?

Thank you for your generosity! It is because of your donations that Hospice Friends has been here to serve Kittitas County since 1983. Your support will help us continue for generations to come!


Update on Hospice Friends ask for 7000 donations of $25 in 2021.


We are half-way through the year, and we are behind our goal. We need your help to continue to provide the many great services to Kittitas County residents. Please help us spread the word!

How many slots of the 7000 donations of $25 were filled?

1,980 of those spots had been filled. Any gift you can provide helps Hospice Friends mission to provide peace, comfort, and care to those facing a life-threatening illness, the frail elderly, those with a chronic-illness or disability, and others with short-term medical needs in Kittitas County.



How many more does Hospice Friends need?


5,046 more people to do a donation of $25 to help Hospice Friends clients receive volunteers- respite, bereavement and No One Dies Alone vigil. Hospice Friends also provides incontinence supplies, nutritional supplement, and durable medical equipment to our clients at no cost to them.


I can give but not a full spot, my gift will not count, will it?


Your gift even if it is not the full $25 helps Hospice Friends clients!


Can I fill more than the one spot?


Yes, absolutely! There are others that are in a situation where they want to give but are unable, right now. Your gift of more than $25 helps support those in the community that are facing financial, emotional, and physical challenges. Your donations help us keep these services free of charge to Kittitas County!

Donations can be made to Hospice Friends via cash, check or money order mailed to 302 E 2nd Ave. Ellensburg, WA 98926 or via PayPal on our website


I want to help but I cannot provide a donation, what can I do?


Please volunteer! We have many opportunities that involve working with people and “behind the scenes” opportunities too!


Volunteer Positions

  • Client Care (2-4 hours/ week)

    • Provide support services to hospice patients through respite care, companionship, music, hair care, massage or other alternative therapies.

    • Provide lawn mowing or snow removal for Hospice clients.

    • We have programs like No One Dies Alone Vigils, Reiki therapy, and Bereavement Support. We provide the trainings to make sure volunteers are prepared for these programs.

  • Transportation

    • Provide rides for clients to medical appointments in Kittitas County.

  • Administrative Support (4-8 hours/ week)

    • Provide office support through phone coverage, assisting clients, data entry, mailings, and supply restocking and other tasks as needed.

  • Equipment Cleaning and/or Maintenance (1-2 hours/ week)

    • Clean equipment like Transport chairs and Aluminum frame walkers without a seat. Maintain equipment for example break adjustments for wheelchairs and 4-wheeled walkers with seat.

  • Fundraising and Events

    • Assist with events as needed for data entry, set up and tear down, planning, and lead volunteer roles.

  • Ambassador

    • Short-Term Volunteer for Community Service required for school to help promote awareness about Hospice Friends in the community.


For additional information please call 509-968-5117, email or visit Hospice Friends website an look a the volunteer page



November 9, 2020:

           Hospice Friends is proud to announce the appointment of Mique (McKay) Boner as Executive Director. Hospice Friends has provided services, supplies and equipment to individuals and anyone facing a life-threatening illness in Kittitas County since 1983. Hospice Friends was formed by a small group of dedicated individuals who believed that people are entitled to quality of life even when quantity of life is limited. We are funded by the generosity of individuals and businesses who support our mission.
Mique has a Bachelor of Science degree in Life Sciences from Arizona State University. She was previously the Volunteer Coordinator/Programs Assistant with Hospice Friends. She has a wealth of knowledge and extensive background working with the clients of Hospice Friends, and has built strong relationships in the community.


“I am honored to serve as Executive Director and am committed to the Hospice clients and KVH staff to ensure that clients receive the best possible service and care. I am excited about the future and the continued partnership with KVH Home Health and Hospice to serve the community.” - Mique 

“We are thrilled to have Mique as our Executive Director and we
look forward to her applying her previous knowledge, experience
and expertise to promote Hospice Friends’ growth and development”

                                           -Barbara Becker, Hospice Friends Board of Directors President.

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