Our Services

We work with patients and families by providing client support and companionship when it’s needed most.


No One Dies Alone Vigil

Hospice Friends provides the No One Dies Alone (NODA) program to those who may not have family or friends close to provide companionship near the end of life. 

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Comfort Therapies

Our volunteers provide music, massage, aroma therapy, or other comfort therapies to patients and/or their caregivers.

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Bereavement Support

Hopsice Friends provides support and comfort for individuals grieving the loss of a loved one.

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Durable Equipment

Hospice Friends has a community closet of durable medical equipment to use.

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Other Services

Our volunteers provide rest for caregivers, companionship for the client, meal preparation, and/or light housecleaning.

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Volunteers make up a majority of Hospice Friends and are the backbone of what we do for the community. There are many meaningful opportunities to volunteer your time with us.

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